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Vegetarian Dinner Party is meant to make vegetarian and vegan cuisine viable for the everyday, and for more formal occasions as well.

The 21 mouthwatering three-course menus complemented by wine matching, and instructions on how to prepare aperitifs, will encourage anyone—friends and family, neighbors and acquaintances—to try vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free cooking. And teach you step by step how to make delicious and extraordinary dishes as well as a rich variety of easy-to-prepare options.

Vegetarian Dinner Party comes out of my experience over many years of being a dinner guest who happens to be vegetarian.

People have often felt this as a complication, with a typical attitude of “what on earth can I cook?”

Not everyone has felt this way, of course, and many friends have surprised me with wonderful vegetarian or most elaborate vegan meals. But there are also those down-to-earth people who have been making the same vegetarian dish for me for years on end. And there are those who always go out to eat with me because vegetarian cuisine seems too elaborate. And then there are the even more pragmatic ones who serve up one meal, and everyone partakes: on New Year’s there is rack of lamb and salad, and so for the vegetarians, there is just salad.

Vegetarian Dinner Party offers 21 three-course menus and numerous special occasion recipes. You can order it in your local book shop, online, or directly at the Swiss publishing house Werd Verlag.

For now there is only a German edition.

Claudia Peppel

Vegetarian Dinner Party

© 2014, 192 pages

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