Ultimate Hangover Smoothie

This golden green smoothie will banish your party hangover and restore your energy.


I make a lot of nut cake this time of the year, not just for the holidays, any other happy occasion I can think of.

Hiltl in Zurich

Switzerland is also home to the first and oldest vegetarian restaurant in Europe, which opened in 1898.

Green Hummus

A dear friend just brought some delicious tahina from Haifa so I prepared my favourite hummus with pistachios. Enjoy!

Red Quinoa Salad Thai Style

This recipe is adapted from Ruth’s red rice Thai salad, it features red quinoa, mango and avocado. It is easy to make and a yummy lunch for hectic workweeks.

Mojo rojo

I was particularly pleased to encounter Mojo rojo and mojo verde when on La Gomera a few weeks ago. Both are vegan sauces.

Veggie in Switzerland

Though Switzerland is the home of muesli and cheese fondue, it does not boast many traditional swiss vegetarian dishes.